Friday, June 7, 2013

More Supercrafts for SuperRhys

Now that he has his cape all sorted, I figured Rhys could use some superhero masks as well.  He REALLY likes Spiderman and Batman, so I decided to make those two to start.  There are a plethora of toddler mask patterns out there in internet-land, but I started with this one.  I cut out the patterns on paper first and I'm glad I did, because they were actually pretty small on Rhys so I was able to freehand cut out larger masks using these patterns as a guide. 

I had hoped to make these out of existing stash materials and I didn't have quite enough red felt to do both sides of the Spiderman mask. In fiddling around with my stash though, I realized that I actually preferred to make these reversible so that Rhys can choose a color when he wears them.  So Batman wound up being black on one side and yellow on the other and Spiderman became red on the outside, blue on the inside. I still used the "traditional" colors for each superhero, but I like how the reversible aspect gives Rhys options. 

Sewing tiny objects with curves isn't a strong suit of mine, so I wanted to "idiotproof" these before I started sewing.  I didn't feel capable of keeping the two pieces of each mask perfectly aligned while sewing over all those little bends and twists, so I decided to iron in a layer of Wonder Under between the two halves before sewing. This worked out really well! I used pins to hold the elastic in place, but the rest of each mask I was able to leave unpinned. 

Also, to avoid having to sew a bunch of curves, I spidey-fied the Spiderman mask with black fabric paint, rather than machine sewn web lines.  I think it worked out pretty well!

I love when projects like this one come together and I'm able to make them entirely from stash materials.  These were fun to make and took only about half an hour each.  I think I'll be making more as Rhys' superhero interests expand. I might even try to design Rhys his own mask, to match his cape.

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