Friday, May 24, 2013


I don't know how exactly it happened, but sometime in the last few weeks Rhys has become enamored with superheros: Superman, Batman, Robin (especially Robin, since his cape has an R on it).  I figured my little guy needed his own cape with his very own superhero logo.

A cape can be as simple as a blanket tied around the neck, or as complex as a floor length, satin, breakaway neck, appliqued PROJECT. I decided to go middle of the road and make something with a fun printed lining and a custom designed logo, with a velcro neck closure for safety and a hemline around Rhys' knees to help keep him from tripping.

I really wanted to make this from existing materials from my stash, and I had quite a hard time finding pieces of fabric big enough, but I managed. I used a plain black cotton for the outside and a fun acid green and black buffalo check flannel for the lining (super . . . hipster? maybe!).  The sizes of my fabric dictated the size of my cape, to an extent.  I used the neckline template from this tutorial, did some mouth breathing math to try and estimate how long the cape should be and then cut the body of the cape from the neck to the hem at an angle, so it flares out a bit.

Before I sewed my pieces together, I applied the R logo.  I google image searched "Pow" and when I found a shape I liked, I printed it twice and cut the spiky shape out of one page and the cloud shape out of another. I made an appropriately sized R on word and print and cut that template out too.  Once I'd chosen felt colors from my stash, I ironed Wonder Under to the backs of each sheet, which served to make the felt pieces iron on but also made them MUCH easier to cut out in perscise shapes.  After I'd cut all three shapes, I ironed them to the front center panel of the cape.  The R and the cloud are still sticking admirably, weeks later. The pointy bits are starting to lift a bit, however, so I'll fabric glue those down when I get a chance. 

So! Sewing.  I pinned and sewed the two fabric panels almost all the way around, reverse sides facing, leaving the bottom hem unsewn for turning.  Then I turned the cape right side out, pressed the edges and hemmed the bottom up.  For the closure, I used my secret trick: Sticky Back Velcro.  This stuff TOTALLY SAYS on the package that it doesn't stick to fabrics.  The first time I used it (on Rhys' apron) I did so thinking I'd stick it on then sew over the edges, but it stuck so well I didn't bother. The apron is still working really well, months later, so this time I shamelessly used stick on velcro to make the cape neck closure with absolutely no intention of sewing over it.  I'm such a rule breaker. 

Rhys really loves his finished cape!  He's been wearing it all around the neighborhood, every chance he gets.  I'm not even going to pretend that isn't the most adorable thing EVER.  I'd even say it is SUPER adorable. 


Nutsy Coco said...

SUPER adorable and obviously a big hit :)

Diane said...

My most favorite and well dressed superhero!