Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tea Towel Toddler Apron

Oh, hey there, blog!  I don't really have a great excuse for 6 months of silence. I've been making lots of stuff, having adventures with my boys, taking tons of photos, etc. etc.  There's been blog fodder a-plenty, just none that I've actually taken the time to post about. Until now.  Because when you see this totally adorbz little apron I made for my son in the span of ONE NAP, including pattern cutting, instructions reading and sewing machine wrangling, you'll want to drop everything and make one for the nearest toddler too. 

Hopefully you're like me and you have a stash of new linen tea towels lying around the house waiting to be sewn into something awesome.  Even if not, this project uses so little fabric that I'm sure you could cobble together enough from your fabric stash or Goodwill pile.  You'll also need a little over a foot of elastic, some velcro and this awesome free pattern:

The pattern's author includes some incredibly thorough instructions for embroidering and embellishing the apron, but since I get the most kicks out of quick and easy projects, I opted to use a tea towel with a cute design already printed on it.  I was able to salvage the header of the tea towel to use as a waist strap that reads "Irish Sheep" in back. Gah! The cute!  I finished it off with some simple black and white gingham as a lining (I always have gingham on hand) and some plain black linen (2009's old curtains, represent!) for the neck strap. 

All told, I did complete this project from printing the pdf pattern, to finding fabrics in my stash, to pressing the seams and snipping the final threads in ONE NAP. It was a longish nap, though, since my boo was sick.  Two hours, maybe? 

I'm already working on a toddler birthday gift idea involving one of these aprons and a cobbled together craft or cooking kit.  How cute would that be?

My boy was reluctant at first to put it on, but I realized after a little discussion that he thinks aprons are ONLY for wearing while cooking. He was reluctant to try it on just at random in his room, but the second he got it in his head to squeeze a few oranges for juice, he gladly and willingly strapped it on.  Thanks to the elastic neckline and velcro closure, he can put it on all by himself!

This pattern is a keeper, for sure.

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Diane said...

Cutest little chef ever.