Friday, February 24, 2012

Project 366, Week 8

Skin of my teeth this week . . . .

Slide hair

Dino puzzle

Bath boy

I'm Henry VIII, I Am

Badass pirate with a sippy cup

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project 366: Week I-Can't-Be-Arsed-To-Count

Popping in belatedly to post my most recent batch of Project 366 photos. I can hardly complain about the business that led me to fall behind with these . . . I was in Vegas with my boys for a few days and have had jam packed weekends on either end of that trip. I may not have been posting daily, but I HAVE been taking real live DSLR photos every single day. I'm liking that this project makes me whip out the camera and come up with something . . . even if I don't feel like it. I have some photos here that I'm pleased with (my perfume, the dolphin (omg, the dolphin!)), and some that are, I'll admit, poorly taken . . . but for which in my mind the content makes up for the composition (my boys at Alien Fresh Jerky, Mr. Toddler Pants and I at breakfast on our way out of Vegas). My FAVORITE photo of this period was taken with my machine, but not by me at all: my dad gets credit for this one.

Anyways, onwards!:

A brand spanking new bottle of my favorite perfume

My boy, doing Cold Stone right

Choo Choo Buddy

Alien Fresh Jerky!

Dolphin at the Mirage

Breakfast on our way out of Vegas

Reading books after work/school

Glam Rock Jammy Rock

Queen Mary Scottish Festival

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 365: Week 6

Some yays and some mehs this week. This week, I spent some time trying to capture a little of Rhys around the house and our daily routine.

Lights reflected in our living room mirror. This photo is on the meh list, but I stand behind there being a good idea somewhere in there. (Canon 50mm 1.8)

Roller Coaster at Knotts (Sigma 10 20 . . . FTW!)

My big, big boy . . . tall enough for the Autopia. (Sigma 10 20)

Menow Choo Choo (Simga 17 70)

Cheesy cheesin' (Sigma 17 70, Bower Flash)

Glitter dipped mani (very proud) (Sigma 17 70, cheap macro ring light)

Cheese eatin' boy (Sigma 17 70, Bower Flash)

Boys getting dressed (Sigma 17 70. Bower Flash)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wet n' Wild Megashield Lipsticks

Bolstered by my success with Wet n' Wild eyeshadows, I decided to try some of their new Megashield lipcolors. I'd been jonesing for a Revlon lip butter, and since the Megashields (which I can't link to since they aren't available for sale online anywhere. Meh.) were advertised as being moisturizing, and containing SPF, I figured they might fill the gap.

While I love these lipsticks (bought FIVE of them!), they for sure aren't "balm-like". At all. They're richly, densely pigmented . . . perhaps the most pigmented lipsticks I own. They also, by virtue of being so pigmented, are a little bit drying. I held out writing this review until I'd obtained and tested out an actual Revlon Lip Butter for comparison purposes and, now that I have, I can confirm to you that these Megashield lipsticks are in NO WAY, shape or form anything like the Revlon Lip Butters. If you're looking for a formula dupe, you'll be sorely disappointed.

HOWEVER! If you're after a richly pigmented, long lasting lipstick that comes in trendy shades and won't break the bank, this is your product.

These lipsticks are, apparently, supposed to retail for $2.99. When I've purchased they've been ringing up for less ($2.49 at one Walgreens and $1.79 at another . . . with nary a sale sticker in sight). They're also packaged with $1 off stickie coupons, so for the 5 lipsticks shown here, I spent a grand total of about $7.

My choices include, from left to right, Salsa Lessons, LollyPopStar, Ring Around The Rosy, Peachy Keen and Birthday Suit.

Here they are swatched, same order as above:

(Apologies for the smudge on Salsa Lessons . . . SOMEBODY woke up from his nap halfway through my photo shoot). As you can see, these are very matte. As I mentioned earlier, they are a little drying, so I've had the most success wearing them with a layer of balm (rubbed in well) underneath. However, the pigment? Like, whoa. I took these swatch photos in the early evening, washed my hands several times through the night, showered and washed my hair the next morning, and I could STILL see traces of pigment leftover from Salsa Lessons in the morning. On the lips, I've found these to wear several hours and eventually fade evenly.

As for the colors, I'd describe them thusly:

Salsa Lessons: A slightly orange tinged neon red

LollyPopStar: Frosty fuschia shimmer

Ring Around the Rosy: Plummy rosewood creme

Peachy Keen: Perfectly neutral frosty peaches and cream

Birthday Suit: Frosty nude

Salsa Lessons, pictured in the tube above, is my favorite of the bunch. LollyPopStar is pictured on the lips below:

Ultimately, I'd call these a good buy. Their drying nature can be counteracted with an undercoat of balm and, while I usually have little patience for super sheer bargain lipcolors, these are so richly pigmented that they've quickly become favorites in my collection. If Wet n' Wild could somehow make these a touch more moisturizing, they'd be a "holy grail" product. As it stands, you could do a lot worse for $2.99. Or $2.49. Or $1.49 with a coupon.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 366, Week 5

My 10 20 got some action this week . . . and I'm including two necklace shots (the second on Groundhog Day, which I thought was kind of fun).

At the park on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday. (Sigma 10 20)

Back at the park, what can I say? It was a beautiful weekend! (Sigma 10 20)

When wanting to try on mama's shirt goes south . . . (Sigma 10 20, Bower Flash)

Bedhead (Sigma 10 20, Bower Flash)

Inside my locket (Sigma 17 70, Macro Ring light (again, in my closet in the pre-dawn hours. I'm kind of loving how these ring light/total darkness shots are working out . . .I took a nail polish photo on 1/4 this way as well))

Another necklace . . . this one for sale in my Etsy shop. I made 3 of these on Wednesday night. They're tracings of leaves I picked up in the UK last fall, shrunken down on a photocopier, cut out of sterling, hammered, oxidized, polished and made into pendants. (Sigma 17 70)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book Report

So! One of my 2012 "resolutions" was to read more. I set myself a (pathetic) goal of 6 books for the year. Shortly thereafter, I discovered the Kindle for iPhone app and the Overdrive (free digital library books) app. So, long story short . . . I finished book number 6 on the last day of January. AM KICKING ASS on the resolutions front, no?

Here's what I've read so far:

1, 2 and 3) The Hunger Games trilogy

These were light and fluffy, but the story (however absurd) was gripping and the characters were likeable. These were the perfect books to get me back into the swing of reading: fun, quick and not to intellectually taxing. Literary cheesy-poufs, if you will. And now I have the movies to look forward to!

4) The Host

I was jonesing for another teeny bopper trilogy after The Hunger Games, and so I settled on this: the Twilight maven's first foray into "grown up" literature. While it was crazy long and probably could've stood to be edited down a bit, I genuinely liked it. I'm not huge on sci fi, but the characters here were interesting, multi-dimensional and really well developed. Wanderer is FAR more likeable than snivelling Bella Swan, in any event (although I'll fess up to having read that series as well. SO?)

5) Water for Elephants

My logic in picking this up was that I'd liked The Help, which was a bestseller, even though I never would've picked it up based on subject matter alone. While I can't say I was ever really interested in depression era circus acts before, I kind of am now! A few gold stars are due here.

6) Tempest

My husband found an article in the LA times about this book. Key phrases included "young adult series" and "time travel". I was sold right there. I'd say I liked this least of the 6 I've read this year, which says more about the other 5 books than it does about Tempest. The time travel stuff was interesting, if a little out there and tough to follow. The characters weren't quite as likeable as the characters in my other 5 books, but I could stomach them all the same. I think there will be other books in this series and I'll probably read them, because I'm a lemming. I won't be lining up at the bookstore at midnight on release night though.

I'm currently reading The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern, my first Overdrive/Free Library book. What should I read next?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rhys' Blooper Reel

If I've learned one thing from motherhood it is that kids CHANGE. Drastically! Daily! And that any adorable noise Rhys makes, any hilarious thing he says or does is subject to completely disappear, never to be seen again without a moment's notice.

I remember Rhys singing at the top of his lungs all through a mommy and me yoga class when he was about 2 months old. We caught a little of his crazy high pitched singing voice on video . . . but not nearly as much as I would have if I'd fully realized at the time that he wouldn't be doing it for all that long.

So, for the record, things I'd like to remember (in no particular order):

* Rhys eating a tea biscuit in the car one morning, frowning at it and telling me "Mommy! Cookie no working . . . "

* Rhys rolling over in his sleep and shouting "CHOOO CHOOOOOOO!!!!" (this happens often actually)

* Rhys' first attempt at a set of "first words" flashcards . . . in which he called the (yellow) pencil "manana", the cup "coffee . . . HOT!" and the star "moon". He got most of the deck right, but the "wrong" answers were far more interesting.

* A conversation during a sick day at home with 20 month old Rhys:
Rhys: "Daddy potty."
Me: "Daddy is working."
Rhys: "Daddy sleeping?"
Me: "No, baby, daddy is at work."
Me: "uh . . . ok."

* The 2 month period during which Rhys referred to the TV as the "wee wee". WOE BETIDE US that I didn't catch that on video. Seriously.

* Rhys sitting down in a corner of the mall, grunting, telling me to "doh away!" (i.e. OBVIOUSLY pooping) . . . me thinking after a few minutes that he was done and herding him over towards the bathroom for a change . . . him running off back to his corner hollering at top volume "Nooo!!! Rhys more poop!!!!"

He's a character . . . what can I say?