Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wrist Cuff Wallet

I got the idea from this cuff from an Etsy listing and, while I'm not in the habit of ripping off other sellers, the listing in question was well outside of my price range (over $300!) and much "fancier" than would be practical for my own use. 

The basic idea is a wrist cuff, with a wallet/lipstick holder/keychain built inside.  I drafted a pattern using paper and assembled my bits and pieces of fabric from there.  This project made an excellent stash buster, as I was able to use up tiny bits of loved fabric I'd been hoarding. 

I decided on a wallet/cash pocket (with a closure flap for security), a card width pocket with a keychain built in and a set of three elastic strips meant to hold a lipgloss tube as my interior accoutrements.  Assembly was simple, once I'd thought through the order in which to sew my pockets.  I finished off the piece with a row of three hook and eye closures, hand sewn on after the main cuff was all sewn up. 

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! It is for sure functional as a wallet.  The weekend I made it I wore it both days and it worked well for me.  However, since I've got tiny wrists (narrower than a credit card, in fact), the cuff felt bulky on and once was actually mistaken for a carpal tunnel wrist wrap.  *fail* 

Given those issues, I'm pleased that I didn't spend $300+ on a leather and gold zipper festooned cuff from Etsy!  I'm going to continue trying to refine the design to make it less bulky and more comfortable, though.  And, if you have wider wrists, by all means, give a cuff like this a shot!  It is a fantastic idea . . . just maybe not for tiny boned peeps like me.