Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Union Jack Pillow for the Jubilee

I finally got around to making a Union Jack pillow for myself . . . and just in time for the Jubilee too!

This one I pieced together using all scrap materials from my stash (save for the pillow form, which I bought at Ikea, where I've found they have a decent selection of "blank" pillows at a fair-er price than most fabric stores).  The background and back of the pillow are a soft plaid flannel, the background stripes are done in a cream and wine colored toile, the crosswise ribbon accents are gingham and the foreground ribbon is plain black grosgrain.

I love how this pillow came out . . . it incorporates almost all of my favorite types of fabric: plaid, toile and gingham. 

Total project time was a little on the high side, as I pieced the toile bits together from tiny scrap pieces, instead of one continuous strip of fabric. Maybe 1 1/2 hours total?  Time well spent though, I think . . . I love how the pillow looks on our sofa!

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