Friday, June 15, 2012

BB Cream Round Up: 5 Solid Choices

Confused by the dizzying array of BB creams on the market?  Apprehensive about buying online . . . via ebay . . . from international sellers?  Wondering what all the fuss is about?  Not to worry . . . over the last 8 months or so I've swapped out my former sunblock/primer/tinted moisturizer/concealer routine for a one tube BB cream solution, finding a few duds and a few gems in the process . . . and I'm here to share my top 5 creams with you.  In order of favesies:

1) Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
Price: $8.45 via eBay (lots of potential sellers, but the one linked above is the seller I used)
Size: 20ml
SPF: 42
Skincare extras: soothing, moisturizing
Coverage: Medium
Feel: Super lightweight
Notes:  My favorite BB cream for its fantastic coverage with a literally weightless feel.  It feels like absolutely nothing on the skin and the color match, as you can see above, is pretty spot on.  Your mileage may vary color wise, of course, but this formula is top notch.

2) Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB
Price: $7.98 via eBay (lots of potential sellers, but the one linked above is the seller I used.  I actually purchased a sample set of 4 Skin 79 creams, but the Hot Pink was my favorite of those.)
Size: 25ml
SPF: 25
Skincare extras: Claims to be a 10 in 1 solution:  whitening, wrinkle improvement, sebum control, moisturizing, UV protection.  That's 5 by my count, but half the page is in Korean, so what do I know?)
Coverage: Medium
Feel: Super lightweight
Notes:  A super close second to Missha . . . the coverage here is ever so slightly sheer-er and the color isn't quite as great a match, but still a total winner in my book.  I can see myself reaching for this cream more often in the winter, when I tend to be paler. 

3) Holika Holkia Peach Girl BB Cream

Price: $19.79 via eBay (lots of potential sellers, but the one linked above is the seller I used.I daresay I paid less though, by about $6.)
Size: 50ml (biggie!)
SPF: 37
Skincare extras: peach and strawberry extracts
Coverage: Full coverage
Feel: Lighter than a foundation, but heavier than the Skin 79 or Missha creams
Notes:  This is the cream I reach for when I feel like I need an extra bit of coverage. It comes packaged with a peach cream blush cleverly hidden in the cap . . .super duper cute.  I quite like the blush just on its own merits, but hidden in a cream cap? Now that I LOVE!

4) Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

Price: $11.04 (drugstores!)
Size: 2.5oz
SPF: 15
Skincare extras: Renews, Brightens, Evens, Hydrates, Protects
Coverage: Sheer
Feel: Light, almost gel-like feel
Notes:  This is often my weekend BB cream . . . super sheer coverage and a cooling, lightweight feel.  Don't expect any "skin perfecting" coverage here, but this does a nice job of evening tone and moisturizing.  It has the perk of being the most readily available cream on my list, as it is carried by most drugstores.

5) Boots 17 BB Cream
Price: 6.99 Pounds, Boots chemists in the UK.
Size: 20ml
SPF: 15
Skincare extras: Conceals imperfections, evens tone, controls oil
Coverage: Full coverage
Feel: Closer to a traditional foundation feel, but still I wouldn't describe it as "heavy"
Notes:  This was my first BB and I still quite like it! It offers excellent coverage with a "lighter than foundation" feel. If I lived near a Boots (woe betide me that I do not), this just might have the right combo of availability, price and formula to be my go-to cream. 

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