Monday, May 14, 2012

NYX Dark Shadows Box

I guess I should call this a palette, not a box, but, FUNNY STORY!, back in the day while working at a record label a friend and I decided to go to Bath & Body Works on our lunch hour during the holidays to "Check out the box sets". We went on and on all day about the "box sets" until finally realizing around 3pm that we, uh, meant GIFT BASKETS. So . . . Dark Shadows "box" . . . I'm going to run with that. I was quite pleasantly surprised with this one. I have had it for several weeks now (and haven't posted about it because I've been trying to keep its existence a secret from my mother, whom I gifted one to on Mothers' Day.). In that I've had it for a while, I think my positive opinion here is genuine, since the "oooh, shiny new object!" feeling has had time to wear off. Firstly, the packaging. It is freaking awesome. No? Lovely, gothic-y images both inside and out:
A large mirror housed as part of a center divider panel designed to keep eyeshadow residue out of the lipgloss compartments (handy!):
All around toddler approved:
At $24.99, it is certainly priced affordably as far as Tim Burton movie tie in products go (Urban Decay's shadow box was in the $50 range) and as far as vampire film tie ins go (Tarte's True Blood box was in the $50 range as well). (And, yes, I own both. I am a sucker for a good movie tie in. And for Tim Burton. And for Vampires. AND FOR MAKEUP.)
I have to say, having owned the NYX Nude on Nude palette for a while now, and being mostly unimpressed with the pigmentation and wear time of those shadows, I wasn't expecting THAT much from the Dark Shadows box. I purchased it anyways, see above re: LEMMING. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. VERY much so, in fact. The pigmentation of these shadows is excellent, as is the pigmentation of the blushers and lipglosses. I got a good 6 hours of wear from the red gloss which, well, knock me over with a feather why don't you. I've used the shadows with the (adorable) included eye primer and wear time has been phenomenal. Full workdays and evenings with no creasing and very little fading. The downsides are few and include the smaller blush pans being too small to comfortably swipe a blush brush across, the lipglosses being in pans rather than individual tubes (not portable for touch ups!) and the abundance of matte eyeshadow shades (which some ladies would file as a plus, I'm just more of a shimmer/metallic gal myself). The mattes, I will say, do blend nicely into the shimmers and I have used a few of them! Here's a look I did using a few of the plummy/purpley shades:
All things considered, you could do a heck of a lot worse for $24.99. If you're in the market for matte shadows, a combo kit for travel or just a new SHINY OBJECT, get ye to Ulta and snap this one up!

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