Friday, May 4, 2012

My boy, who is two.

Somebody had a second birthday, can you believe it? How that happened, I have no clue, because I brought him home from the hospital approx. 3 weeks ago. Right?!
His party last year, at Travel Town with all the antique steam engines in the background, was a) simple and b) a success, so we decided not to mess too much with a winning formula. We did a very similar party this year . . . same picnic site . . . same pizza order . . . same Costco cake, balloons and another homemade bunting. The main difference with this party is that I tried to invite more of Rhys' friends than our extended family. As it turns out, that was a great idea! Concerns about entertaining a gaggle of toddlers aside, Rhys was SO! THRILLED! to see his friends. The look on his face was priceless . . . I'd throw him a thousand friend parties just to see that face again!
I bought a rug with a road/city print at Ikea and gave out favors (little Ikea trains) at the start of the party, thinking the trains could be an activity as well as a favor. Those and a few party store beach balls were basically it for entertainment, and they seemed to do the trick. Two year olds: easily amused!
There was a handmade element for this party . . .I made the bunting (as well as a cake bunting which didn't get used on account of having had soda spilled on it during the party *sad face*). I had Rhys paint along a long strip of brown kraft paper and used that paper to wrap his party favors in . . . so Rhys got in on the crafty action himself, which was not only fun for us but SUPER cool for him when it came time to pass out favors "Rhys paint that!").
The Monday after the party, on Rhys' actual birthday, we drove up to Disneyland for a super fun overnight visit. The weather was less than stellar and, it being a Monday and Tuesday, the crowds were the lowest I think I've personally ever seen them. We spent the morning of his birthday day at CA Adventure checking out Bug's Land then the evening doing a madcap run through of Disneyland, mostly Fantasyland. We jammed through the rides, with almost no crowds! We finished off our trip with a morning at Disneyland the following day . . . running through a few rides we'd missed the night before.
It was more or less perfect . . .and now we've got ourselves a newly-minted, properly inducted two year old. One who had himself an awesome birthday.

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