Thursday, May 10, 2012

Impossibly Easy Toddler Pants

I so wish this had occurred to me earlier, like when Rhys was 3-9 months old, dressed in mostly American Apparel karate pants anyways, and outgrowing those at warp speed. HOWEVER, I'm filing it away for next time: making baby pants is hopelessly easy. It started with an IM convo with my real-life-and-blog friend Natalie, she of newly knocked up status, who mentioned that she'd made pajama pants for her toddler nephew. I realized, in googling "DIY Toddler Pants" whilst still IM-ing Natalie, that I could in fact simply TRACE EXISTING MEYERS PANTS, sew up the pieces and have toddler pj pants in, like, 30 minutes. It sounded too good to be true. And I had half a yard of cute white and blue star print leftover from Rhys' birthday bunting that I knew would make ADORABLE pants.
I laid out my fabric . . . a half yard was a hair short, I'll go for a larger piece next time to get more leg length for my growing boy . . . traced (being sure to stretch out the waist band to account for elastic gathering room) . . . and sewed up the inseam, waistband and bottom hems. A bit of elastic from my stash and PRESTO! 30 minute toddler pants. The boy quite likes them:
If you google "Sew Baby Pants", you'll find a wealth of tutorials, lots with fancy additional details written in. A few I used for reference were: this one and this one (Kudos on and thanks for the great tutorials, ladies!)

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Natalie J said...

So glad I mentioned it really. :)