Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear Meyers

Your twenty fourth month has been the month of big sentences and long chats.  You love to tell me stories . . . especially when you really should be sleeping.  The other night, after a day spent taking the train up to Santa Barbara, we cuddled in bed and I told you it was time to go to sleep. Your replied "No, mommy. I talk you." and proceeded to tell me all about your day. About how the train stopped at red lights; how you rode with Mommy, Daddy and Namaw, but Uncle Jeff no ride train; about how you met the conductor and he said "All aboard!" and how when you tried to walk while the train was moving it was "slippery".  You punctuated  the end of every remark with "See!", like a toddler quite pleased with himself for expressing his ideas so clearly. 

You have been more and more interested in books lately.  Your attention span for long stories is growing and you hardly ever rip your books out of my hands halfway through and proclaim "THE END" anymore.  Last night we read an incredibly involved Thomas Engine Little Golden book about Thomas finding an abandoned town and then getting stuck in a mine shaft.  You were riveted through the final page.

You still love your wooden railroad and have started building your own track layouts more and more often, as opposed to choo choo-ing along layouts your dad or I have built.  We have also been incorporating your wooden castle block sets into your train layouts . . . making bridges, tunnels, and castles that span the entire width of your railroad.  I'm not going to lie, I think I have as much fun playing as you do. 

You love to color as well and I recently bought you your first pair of toddler scissors.  I was fascinated when I handed them to you and realized that you didn't know how to hold them them.  I have to remind myself sometimes that you're learning every little thing from scratch . . . in that context, the things you know already amaze me even more.   Like the eggs . . . the other night we were unpacking groceries and you picked up a carton of eggs.  Your dad told you to be careful, because "Those are eggs and they could break". You looked at him in shock and said "Der's a BABY in dere?!!?"  Babies: they come from eggs. I don't know how you knew . . .
The evolution of your sentence structure is just fascinating to watch.  The other day, in line for Casey Jr. at Disneyland, you were eying another little boy and I told you to just say hi.  You said hi and then turned to me and said "See, Mommy? I hi-ed!"  The structure wasn't quite right, but I was so incredibly proud of you for attempting to use the past tense.  During that same line time, a Disneyland employee spotted your Batman hoodie and asked "Whoa, are you BATMAN?"  You replied, looking a little confused, "No. I'm two."  It was obviously, adorable, but on another level: you heard the question; you thought about the question and formulated a response; you were brave enough to converse and interact without interference from me or your dad.  You blew my mind, on so many levels.

And, puzzles! You are *so good* at puzzles.  We've started giving you puzzles where the pieces fit together instead of puzzles with one slot per piece.  You're great at them.   You also have a little Thomas Engine Lego model with five pieces that you can take apart and put back together properly in under a minute. 

We're saving up for your MIT tuition already, basically.  I couldn't be prouder of you.

Your Mommy

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