Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Darling Girl Only One Can Win Collection Looks

Picasso with the makeup brushes I am not . . . I've had a lot of fun playing with the colors I purchased from the Darling Girl Only One Can Win collection anyways! Here are a few of the looks I've come up with: Starting with my fave shade from the collection (and one of my top shades EVER), Mayor's Daughter (metallic true gold with lilac microglitter) paired with Boy With The Bread (warm chocolate milk with subtle blue shift)
And a third pic which I think does a better job of capturing the lilac glitter ...
Next up, Live Wire (metallic silver) paired with The Seam (mid tone grey with teal shift)
And lastly, Well Dressed (lilac leaning beige with pink micro glitter) paired with Survival Instinct (matte black base with (a TON of) multicolored microglitter). In the pot, Survival Instinct is one of my favorite shades from the collection (right up there with Mayor's Daughter!). However, since the base is essentially a matte black and because I haven't mastered mattes yet, I had trouble achieving the results I'd hoped for with this look. I've tried using Survival Instinct as a lid color with Pixie Epoxy underneath to hold the glitter . . . but the epoxy doesn't play well with mattes (and, see above, I'm not that great at this!) so I didn't get the results I wanted that way either. I've had the most success using this shade with Pixie Epoxy as a liner. I'm going to persevere though . . . I LOVE the color and the glitter and someday, somehow, I'm gonna make this one work for me!
I'm loving these shades and reaching for them often. I honestly think you can't go wrong picking up either samples or petit sizes from Darling Girl. The prices are fantastic for testing and trying and I have yet to be disappointed by any of my Darling Girl purchases. I'm also a nerd and the fact that I'm wearing, say, "Mayor's Daughter" and "Boy With The Bread" on my eyes makes me happy. If you were only to purchase one shade from the collection, Mayor's Daughter would be my pick (and pick up some Glitter Glue to go with it!).

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