Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Meyers

Dear Meyers,

You know, for all we’ve called you “Meyers”, almost to the exclusion of calling you by your real name, you still refer to yourself exclusively as Rhys. Rhys or I or Me . . . Mr. Pronoun Learning Guy.

Other things you’re learning and doing include jumping (you’re all wind up, not much air), spinning, reciting your ABC’s (which usually come out ABCDHYZ, but which you can recite through to Y if we offer up EFG quickly after you’ve said D), counting (you can count from 1 to 13 perfectly in order, and largely because we have thirteen steps on our staircase), mimicking facial expressions of cartoon characters, coloring, cooking with your play pots and pans (you always tell me you’re making soup), taking (quite good) photos with my iPhone or with your little point and shoot camera, singing songs (a recent composition was “Choo choo, I love you, YAY!”. We’re considering registering it with ASCAP.), building block castles, opening zippers and climbing.

Choo choos are still high in your estimation, but you’ve also been playing quite a bit with blocks, your Millennium Falcon, crayons and your play food lately. Books are another favorite . . . we do read together but you also look through books on your own in the car on the way to and from work/school. You’ll hold your little hand up from the back seat and say “Mommy, I need book”. You have very specific opinions on your books too . . . sometimes you want a choo choo train book. Sometimes you want a fish book or a car book. Sometimes you want a Mickey Mouse book and sometimes you clarify that further by asking for an OLD Mickey Mouse book. Little Golden Books are your favorites . . . you have about 10 new ones that I’ve bought for you, a collection of about a dozen of mine from when I was small and then a further 6 or so vintage copies that I’ve bought on Ebay. Your favorite books to read with me, in addition to your Little Goldens, include: “I Want My Hat Back”, “Little Owl Lost”, “Star Wars ABC” (a long time favorite), and anything Yo Gabba Gabba, Thomas the Train or Mickey Mouse related. Snuggling up with you on my lap, reading a book is seriously my favorite thing in the world to do.

You’ll be starting preschool in 4 ½ months, which blows my mind every time I think about it. I hope you’ll love the school we’ve picked for you. We toured it back in October and you seem to remember the playground vividly. Every time I mention preschool you shout back “Playground!”. The playground consists of a sand pit, swings, slides and monkey bars as well as a gutted classic car and a motorcade of tricycles. One of my favorite things about your school is that they leave easels with paper, markers, crayons and paints out on the playground. If ever you feel like making a picture instead of climbing, you’ll have that option. I think that you, my sweet, sensitive, creative boy, will likely take that option more often than not.

You still nurse just once every evening, before bed. We’ve been discussing giving it up, you and I. I think you’re almost ready. I’m so pleased with us for making it this far and I know that the little nursing you’ve done has contributed to the relatively healthy Winter you enjoyed this year. You no longer fall asleep while actually nursing, like you did as a baby. Now, after you’ve nursed for a few minutes, you pull off, roll around, snuggle up with me, sometimes stick your sweet face right up against mine, noses touching and say “Hi, Mommy”, before curling up against my arm and drifting off to sleep. I look forward all day to those few minutes with you right before bed, when you’re at your sweetest and snuggliest.

You are SUCH a character. After baths you like to look in the mirror and proclaim “I nakey butt!!!”. When you’re dressed for the day you look in the mirror and say “I look goooodddd”, while sticking out your belly and patting it with both hands. You use the force on the elevator door, holding up your hand and shouting “foooorrcceeee!” until it opens. You love your rainboots, and ask to wear them often. You insist on having a hat when it rains and glasses when it is sunny. If I don’t have your own glasses handy, you make due by ripping mine off of my face instead. Sometimes you pretend to be asleep, one eye open complete with fake snoring. You make excellent elephant, horse and Darth Vader noises and you talk in your sleep, shouting out the most absurd things (“No, Daddy, MOMMY’s iPhone!” or “Dapaw no here!” or, simply, “CHOO CHOO!!!”).

You’re just an absolute delight. I can’t even remember what your dad and I did for fun before you came around, but it must’ve been really boring, whatever it was. I just can’t picture a world without your silly songs, excited squealing and happy playing.

I love you more than anything in the world, my sweet boy.

Your Mommy


Diane said...

I hope you are saving all these beautiful Dear Meyers letters to give to him one day.

Jane said...

Love these updates. Especially this one. It gives me hope that Marilee will learn to fall asleep without being nursed one day.