Monday, April 23, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics

There's really only so much drugstore, department store and Sephora shopping a girl can do before she moves on to the hard stuff. After a few months of heavy beauty blog reading, I'd consistently caught myself ooohing and aahhhhing over the gorgeous colors created by one indie cosmetics company in particular: Darling Girl Cosmetics. And once I caught wind of Darling Girl's Hunger Games inspired shadow line, I literally couldn't place my order fast enough.

Darling Girl offers three size options for shadows: Samples (1/8 Tsp. in a ziploc baggie, 10 for $8), Petit (1/4 Tsp. in a screw top jar for $2.50) and Full Size (3/4 Tsp. in a jar for $5.90). Any of the three size options would be an excellent value, in my opinion. I opted to buy all of my shades in the Petit size (for ease of storage over the sample baggies) and that decision proved to work out well for me.

I ordered 10 shades, 7 from the Hunger Games collection, which I'll show off later, and three that I picked just because they were pretty. Choosing makeup for reasons other than shade names . . . how very grown up of me!

The look below was done using Plunder (an aptly named, pirate-y antique gold. OK, fine, I chose it for the name.) in the crease, Polaris (dark green/grey with crazy multicolored glimmer) to darken the outer v and Taupe of Ole Smokey (silvery taupe) on the lid.

You know what? All of the shade names are awesome.

My general impression of Darling Girl's shadows, after a month or so of use, is that the colors are, like, whoa with the awesome. The shades are spectacularly pretty and much more interesting than anything I've ever bought in a drug or department store. The only drawback I can cite is that, like most glitter/shimmer shadows, they're prone to fallout and fading. Here's where a proper primer and base (or two!) can really shine. In the photos above I've used e.l.f. Mineral Eye Primer in sheer, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk annnndddd Fyrinne Pixie Epoxy (on the lid, under Taupe of Ole Smokey only). Three primers/bases and three shadows. This is how you know you're obsessed with makeup.

The extra prep work is well worth it though . . . with proper bases and application techniques (pat, don't brush!) these shadows look spectacular and last all day. I'm thrilled with my purchase and I'd say I plan to buy more Darling Girl shades, but that wouldn't be completely accurate as I, er, already have. I'm waiting on order #2 as I type this. For unusual, super pretty shades at a (VERY!) reasonable price, you really can't beat Darling Girl!

I can't wait to show you guys some of the Hunger Games shades. I'll be working on looks for those this week. Wait till you see Mayor's Daughter . . . SWOON!

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DomestiKook said...

I followed the link and OMG. I love The Seam, think it's my favorite, the Survival Instinct.