Friday, April 20, 2012

Art? I'm going to call it art.

We recently replaced the short, white shelves in our living room with longer, dark wood shelves. The new shelves are great looking, however, since they're about a foot longer than our prior shelves, all of our existing shelf artwork suddenly looked shrimpy and lame.

We fixed up one shelf by moving around a few framed pieces from other parts of the house. The second shelf, however, I felt needed a specific layering piece. Something to hang out behind the existing framed wedding photos that I love and wanted to keep up.

I'm kind of obsessed with anything chevron print right now, and I thought something simple and graphic like a chevron printed piece would work really well for layering. I begged a plank of old, unused wood off of my SIL and her husband, used my quilting ruler to measure out a chevron pattern and painted it in with leftover paint samples from the mouse door project I did for Rhys' room ages ago. So: FREE PROJECT.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! Drawing and painting are two crafts I rarely get involved in . . . for all my creative inclinations, I can't draw to save my life (Don't believe me? Find me on DrawSomething and let me prove it to you.) Something as simple and graphic as this though would've been hard to mess up. I love how the board takes up wall space and makes the shelves look filled out while adding a pop of color without looking too busy or overdone. In fact, if I can bum another board off of someone, I just might make another!

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