Thursday, March 8, 2012

Union Jack Pillow

A blog post! That isn't an SD card barf in honor of Project 365(6!!)
It is a small step, but a step in the right direction nonetheless.

I've been wanting to show off this pillow I made for my parents for Xmas. This is one of those projects that once I got to thinking about it, I knew would be incredibly easy but had the potential to wind up looking either a) fabulous! or b) unfortunate. As it happened, my handmade holiday cards were unfortunate, but my pillows (and there were a few styles made!) were FAB!

I used all scrap fabrics to make this pillow. A bit of mustard colored Irish linen, some grosgrain ribbon, and the star player, a few strips of a beautiful blue quilting fabric printed with teeny, tiny Big Bens. I love how it came out!

The construction couldn't have been more straightforward: I decided on a layout, did some pressing and pinning and sewed my bits down. The whole pillow came together in about half an hour. Half an hour! With scrap fabrics! The bang for my buck here was off the charts . . . I can't wait to make another for me!

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Diane said...

We love it!