Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Random, Yet Fairly Succesful, FOTD

I have so many makeup posts cued up in the imaginary blog cue in my head. I want to show you guys my Inglot eye palette. I have a spectacularly beautiful eyeshadow palette from the UK that I want to show off. I've got THREE BB creams, tried, tested and ready to compare. I want to shout from the rooftop about the $2.99 lipstick that is, literally, a game changer. A gorgeous $2.99 blush. Nail art galore. I should probably come clean at some point about how I've been using Monistat as face primer. So much!

I'm going to start with a FOTD that covers a couple of bases. I took this photo last night, after work, roughly 11 hours after having applied my makeup. I'd made zero touch ups to my face or eyes and one lunchtime touch up to my lip color. I think it looks pretty darn good, considering:

So, plucking from the imaginary blog cue, in these photos I'm wearing:

* Monistat Chaffing Relief Gel as face primer. This stuff is incredible. I've used high end and drugstore primers and neither hold a candle to this $6 tube. The primer is ultra smoothing, lightweight, non greasy and, best of all, it HONESTLY keeps my makeup in place longer. The finish isn't matte, it is more satin . . . and, as you can see, 11 hours in it is (let's put it politely), glowy. However . . . even after a full, long day of wear, my discolorations and dark circles are, if not concealed, at least blurred (which is especially evident in the first photo). This is with no touchups whatsoever ('cause who the hell has time?).

* Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in shade #23. I've tried three BB creams: Boots 17, Garnier and, most recently, Missha. I have good things to say about all three, but the Missha is my current fave. It provides actual, honest to goodness medium coverage with a completely weightless feel. I honestly can't tell I'm wearing makeup . . . some moisturizers feel more "makeup-y" than this BB cream. I'm wearing zero concealer or powder in the photos above. Loves it.

* Wet and Wild Megalast lipstick, here in Stoplight Red. This formula? Ah-maze-ing. It is semi matte . . . not so matte as to draw a herd of flashing neon arrows pointing at every lip flaw or crack, but matte enough to not read shiny. The lipstick almost has a stain like quality . . .after a few hours wear, the binders all wear away and I'm left with pure pigment on my lips. The color lasts 4-8 hours, depending on how carefully I eat and drink, wears evenly (no weird lip rings upon fading) and is actually pretty transfer resistant (but without the standard plastic-y transfer resistant lipstick feel). I have another tube in Purty Persimmon which is a bright red-orange that I'm digging the heck out of. Stoplight Red is a true, blue-read that would make Snow White proud.

The eyes are a metallic look I've been doing pretty often lately. I used elf Mineral Primer in Sheer on the whole lid, NYX White Pearl Base on the lower lid below the crease, elf Mineral Shadow in Elegant (sparkly champagne) on the lid and inner corners, elf Mineral Shadow in Socialite (multi shimmer pewter) in the crease and blended out, and elf Studio Pigment shadow in Golden Goddess as liner on the lower lashline and as a highlight applied to the outer 2/3 of the upper lid near the lashline.

I'm also wearing the elf Eyebrow Kit in Ash, Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara in black, and a blush . . . for the life of me I can't remember which one, but there's blush there to be sure.

I'm pleased with the look. It wore so, so well through a long day, the lips are bright and fun and the eyes are neutral enough to pair with a red lip, but interesting on their own as well. I have a feeling I'll be repeating this face many times this Spring!

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DomestiKook said...

For those of us (*me*) new to the bb game, what would you recommend as a good starter cream before I commit to something more expensive? I don't normally wear face make-up at all. Sometimes some mineral powder as a concealer if needed, and that's it.