Monday, February 6, 2012

Wet n' Wild Megashield Lipsticks

Bolstered by my success with Wet n' Wild eyeshadows, I decided to try some of their new Megashield lipcolors. I'd been jonesing for a Revlon lip butter, and since the Megashields (which I can't link to since they aren't available for sale online anywhere. Meh.) were advertised as being moisturizing, and containing SPF, I figured they might fill the gap.

While I love these lipsticks (bought FIVE of them!), they for sure aren't "balm-like". At all. They're richly, densely pigmented . . . perhaps the most pigmented lipsticks I own. They also, by virtue of being so pigmented, are a little bit drying. I held out writing this review until I'd obtained and tested out an actual Revlon Lip Butter for comparison purposes and, now that I have, I can confirm to you that these Megashield lipsticks are in NO WAY, shape or form anything like the Revlon Lip Butters. If you're looking for a formula dupe, you'll be sorely disappointed.

HOWEVER! If you're after a richly pigmented, long lasting lipstick that comes in trendy shades and won't break the bank, this is your product.

These lipsticks are, apparently, supposed to retail for $2.99. When I've purchased they've been ringing up for less ($2.49 at one Walgreens and $1.79 at another . . . with nary a sale sticker in sight). They're also packaged with $1 off stickie coupons, so for the 5 lipsticks shown here, I spent a grand total of about $7.

My choices include, from left to right, Salsa Lessons, LollyPopStar, Ring Around The Rosy, Peachy Keen and Birthday Suit.

Here they are swatched, same order as above:

(Apologies for the smudge on Salsa Lessons . . . SOMEBODY woke up from his nap halfway through my photo shoot). As you can see, these are very matte. As I mentioned earlier, they are a little drying, so I've had the most success wearing them with a layer of balm (rubbed in well) underneath. However, the pigment? Like, whoa. I took these swatch photos in the early evening, washed my hands several times through the night, showered and washed my hair the next morning, and I could STILL see traces of pigment leftover from Salsa Lessons in the morning. On the lips, I've found these to wear several hours and eventually fade evenly.

As for the colors, I'd describe them thusly:

Salsa Lessons: A slightly orange tinged neon red

LollyPopStar: Frosty fuschia shimmer

Ring Around the Rosy: Plummy rosewood creme

Peachy Keen: Perfectly neutral frosty peaches and cream

Birthday Suit: Frosty nude

Salsa Lessons, pictured in the tube above, is my favorite of the bunch. LollyPopStar is pictured on the lips below:

Ultimately, I'd call these a good buy. Their drying nature can be counteracted with an undercoat of balm and, while I usually have little patience for super sheer bargain lipcolors, these are so richly pigmented that they've quickly become favorites in my collection. If Wet n' Wild could somehow make these a touch more moisturizing, they'd be a "holy grail" product. As it stands, you could do a lot worse for $2.99. Or $2.49. Or $1.49 with a coupon.

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