Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rhys' Blooper Reel

If I've learned one thing from motherhood it is that kids CHANGE. Drastically! Daily! And that any adorable noise Rhys makes, any hilarious thing he says or does is subject to completely disappear, never to be seen again without a moment's notice.

I remember Rhys singing at the top of his lungs all through a mommy and me yoga class when he was about 2 months old. We caught a little of his crazy high pitched singing voice on video . . . but not nearly as much as I would have if I'd fully realized at the time that he wouldn't be doing it for all that long.

So, for the record, things I'd like to remember (in no particular order):

* Rhys eating a tea biscuit in the car one morning, frowning at it and telling me "Mommy! Cookie no working . . . "

* Rhys rolling over in his sleep and shouting "CHOOO CHOOOOOOO!!!!" (this happens often actually)

* Rhys' first attempt at a set of "first words" flashcards . . . in which he called the (yellow) pencil "manana", the cup "coffee . . . HOT!" and the star "moon". He got most of the deck right, but the "wrong" answers were far more interesting.

* A conversation during a sick day at home with 20 month old Rhys:
Rhys: "Daddy potty."
Me: "Daddy is working."
Rhys: "Daddy sleeping?"
Me: "No, baby, daddy is at work."
Me: "uh . . . ok."

* The 2 month period during which Rhys referred to the TV as the "wee wee". WOE BETIDE US that I didn't catch that on video. Seriously.

* Rhys sitting down in a corner of the mall, grunting, telling me to "doh away!" (i.e. OBVIOUSLY pooping) . . . me thinking after a few minutes that he was done and herding him over towards the bathroom for a change . . . him running off back to his corner hollering at top volume "Nooo!!! Rhys more poop!!!!"

He's a character . . . what can I say?

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