Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project 366: Week I-Can't-Be-Arsed-To-Count

Popping in belatedly to post my most recent batch of Project 366 photos. I can hardly complain about the business that led me to fall behind with these . . . I was in Vegas with my boys for a few days and have had jam packed weekends on either end of that trip. I may not have been posting daily, but I HAVE been taking real live DSLR photos every single day. I'm liking that this project makes me whip out the camera and come up with something . . . even if I don't feel like it. I have some photos here that I'm pleased with (my perfume, the dolphin (omg, the dolphin!)), and some that are, I'll admit, poorly taken . . . but for which in my mind the content makes up for the composition (my boys at Alien Fresh Jerky, Mr. Toddler Pants and I at breakfast on our way out of Vegas). My FAVORITE photo of this period was taken with my machine, but not by me at all: my dad gets credit for this one.

Anyways, onwards!:

A brand spanking new bottle of my favorite perfume

My boy, doing Cold Stone right

Choo Choo Buddy

Alien Fresh Jerky!

Dolphin at the Mirage

Breakfast on our way out of Vegas

Reading books after work/school

Glam Rock Jammy Rock

Queen Mary Scottish Festival

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DomestiKook said...

Love the Queen Mary Photo. I was there, both days (sat&sun), with my kilted husband. We stayed the night. It was awesome!