Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 366, Week 5

My 10 20 got some action this week . . . and I'm including two necklace shots (the second on Groundhog Day, which I thought was kind of fun).

At the park on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday. (Sigma 10 20)

Back at the park, what can I say? It was a beautiful weekend! (Sigma 10 20)

When wanting to try on mama's shirt goes south . . . (Sigma 10 20, Bower Flash)

Bedhead (Sigma 10 20, Bower Flash)

Inside my locket (Sigma 17 70, Macro Ring light (again, in my closet in the pre-dawn hours. I'm kind of loving how these ring light/total darkness shots are working out . . .I took a nail polish photo on 1/4 this way as well))

Another necklace . . . this one for sale in my Etsy shop. I made 3 of these on Wednesday night. They're tracings of leaves I picked up in the UK last fall, shrunken down on a photocopier, cut out of sterling, hammered, oxidized, polished and made into pendants. (Sigma 17 70)

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