Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A whole new year

I wouldn't call them "resolutions", since that would imply that after I'd buggered each one up already (and I have!) that I'd have no incentive to keep trying, but the usual, ongoing stuff applies for this year: I want to be the kind of mom Rhys deserves, be nice to my husband, count to 10 before snapping, worry less, take on less, unplug more often, make healthier food choices, etc. etc.

I'd also like to do a few, more concrete things:

1 - 101: I'd like to check every item off of this list of 101 Things To Do With Your Toddler.

102) I'd like to read more . . . my reading has fallen by the wayside since I've become a mother (and, I'll admit, since I've become an iPhone owner). To keep this from being a wishy-washy "resolution", I'm going to say that I'd like to read SIX books this year. My self of 4 years ago absolutely scoffs at that number, but there it is.

103) I'd like to read to the Meyers more too. He isn't a fan of the "bedtime story" . . . when he's ready for nigh-nighs, he's READY NOW!!! So while he enjoys reading books, we have trouble finding the right time to do so every day. I'm going to set my bar low at 10 stories a week.

104) I'd like to spend less money on stuff. I'm setting myself a budget of $30 for clothes/makeup per month for January, February and March. No spending whatsoever seems kind of unrealistic to me (What if I run out of mascara?). $30 gives me a teensy touch of wiggle room without giving me so much that I might fall down the internet shopping rabbit hole.

105) I'm doing my own little "Project 365" this year, and I want to see that through to the end. I guess I should say "Project 366", right? Anyhow. I want to take a shot a day, with my real camera. I'm not above popping an iPhone photo in there now and again, but I want to limit that sort of thing to the extent possible.

106) I'd like to learn to use my 10 20 lens to take gorgeous, wide angle shots.

107) I'd like to post here once a week, at least.

108) I'd like to make, photograph and list new items for my shop at least once every two weeks.

109) I'd like to perfect my mini-light bokeh necklace photo setup.

110) I'd like to take stock at the end of each month and make sure the following things are organized: Rhys' toys, My car, My closet, My makeup/bathroom drawers. This would be in lieu of freaking out for weeks on end because our stuff is in shambles and I can't find anything.

. . . and I'd like to keep this list on my sidebar, maintain it, and add to it whenever the whim strikes. At the end of the year, I'd like to see a sea of strikethroughs.

Wish me luck.

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