Monday, January 2, 2012

Snap Happy

One of my favorite, FAVORITE, things to do is to take Rhys to a park with a camera in tow. If we're there around 4pm and the sun is just starting to get low and golden . . . and I've got my 50mm lens on me, all the better. Here are some shots I'm really proud of from a recent park outing.

I feel like I'm really getting there with this whole photography thing. I'm getting at least a few shots I love on almost every photo taking outing, I'm confident with my camera and putting it in Manual (as well with as not feeling like a jackass for putting it in AV or Auto when I can't be arsed) (<- that's actually huge progress.). I'm learning about light and how to use it to take the kinds of photos I like to look at. I'll always be learning new things, but I'm pretty happy to say that 6 months or so in, I finally feel like I know how to use my camera. And I'm pretty proud!

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