Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review and EOTD: Wet and Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Dirty secret time? I have lots of eyeshadow palettes. I have everything from a cheap e.l.f. 100 palette (used rarely, if at all, but somehow the fact that I have bright red and cobalt blue shadows at my disposal is comforting) all the way up to Tarte and Urban Decay palettes, with a slew of smaller palettes in between (Too Faced, NYX, MUA, you name it). But, lately? This unassuming, $4.99 palette is the one I reach for most often. Yep, more often than my $50+ palettes.

Wet and Wild shadows have a lovely, soft, blendable consistency that makes them just a joy to use. The ones I've tried have ranged from adequately pigmented to whoah! that's pigmented! Good things, all around. Surprisingly good, given the price point!

This particular palette is well worth your $4.99 (if you're reading this before 1/21, you can get it at Rite Aid for $2.99, as they're running a 40% off sale on Wet and Wild and the moment. I don't think I need to elaborate on what an amazing deal that is.)

The internet seems to be in agreement that the definer shade on the right hand side is the standout of the palette. It is a lovely duochrome with a red brown base and teal/green shimmer. I've only used it as a liner so far, and it reads mostly red brown in that application, but I can imagine it used to stunning effect from the lashline to the crease to create a smoky eye.

To me, the real standout of the palette is actually the browbone shade on the right hand side. It is the color of aged linen, old books, dusty curtains . . . GOOD THINGS. It is pale without being bright. Antique looking. GORGEOUS. I've used this shadow as a base under other, higher end shadows . . . but I like it just fine used with shades from either column of the Comfort Zone palette as well.

In my opionion, the browbone shade on the right hand column alone (can we get some names for these shades, Wet and Wild?) merits the $4.99 price tag of this palette. It is especially unique . . . in all the eyeshadow palettes I own, I don't have a single shade to compare it to. That's saying something. That's saying quite a bit, actually.

Here's an EOTD:

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