Friday, January 27, 2012

Project 366: Week 4

Aiieeeee . . . I struggled this week. The Meyers had the never-ending fever from hell and it threw us off big time, all week long. I am not so proud of the photos I have from this week, but whatevs. I took them. All with a real camera. I'm pleased I stuck with it, even if the photos aren't my best work.

I really sold that, didn't I?

Day 20: Cupcakes at the mall (Sigma 17 70, Bower Flash)

Day 21: Peterson Automotive Museum (Sigma 17 70)

Day 22: Swinging (50mm 1.8)

Day 23: Nail polish (Sigma 17 70, Macro ring light)

Day 24: Goodies from the set of the Harry Potter films. (Sigma 17 70)

Day 25: Bottoms up (Sigma 17 70)

Day 26: Peas n' tots (Sigma 17 70)

Day 27: Hot pink lipstick (Sigma 17 70)

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