Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MUA Extreme Metallics Eyeshadow Quads: #3 Starstruck

This is one of the quads that gave me pause before I clicked the "Buy Now!" button on Ebay. I'm not much of a color person when it comes to eyeshadow. I like taupe, grey, shimmering neutrals, black, plums or khakis on occasion . . . but I've never (outside of halloween) worn anything as audacious as the mint green in this quad.

I was swayed, however, by the fact that even the "out there" color quads in this line contain at least one or two wearable, neutral shades. Starstruck actually contains three wearable neutrals, in addition to one frosty mint chip ice cream green, From the right they are a sparkling chocolate, a shimmering sand beige and a sweet pink that actually leans very peach on my skin tone:

. . . and swatched (bare skin, no primer, applied with a finger):

The first time I used this palette for an eye look I used the green as a lid shade, the chocolate in the crease, the sand as a highlight and the peach to blend. The green went on opaque and frosty and the feedback I got from my husband was . . . unenthusiastic.

The second time, I tried using the green as an inner corner highlight, blended and faded into the peach in the outer corner. The sand as a highlight and the chocolate in the crease. The results were much more subdued and wearable:

I was ultimately surprised by the versatility of that green, and the wearability of the pink/peach. A winner that I never would've picked up in a store . . . I'm happy to own this little gem.

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