Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Meyers

You are 20 months and 4 days old today. TWENTY months. I'm shocked by the sound of that. You're well on your way to being two. Two! My baby! TWO!

You are a talk-o-potomus if I've ever heard one. You parrot practically anything you overhear, and I'm consistently surprised by the extent to which you remember most of what you've parroted.

You seem to have picked things out of the ether, learned them and memorized them for use later. Just the other day, you pulled a penny out of the change slot of a vending machine and held it up to me, proudly proclaiming "Money!!!". I had no idea that you knew the word. You guarded that little penny fiercely . . . stopping to pick it up each time you dropped it. We taught you to put it in your pocket and asked you throughout the rest of the day where your money was. You always answered "Money, pocket!", and patted your pocket to make sure it was safe. When we got home, we showed you how to put your money in your piggy bank. We uncorked the bank and showed you all the change we'd collected for you there . . . we counted it, sorted it, you put it all back.

You love any activity that involves lots of fine motor control: puzzles, shape sorting, block stacking, bead threading. You also love trains. Like, whoa, with the trains. We have a wooden train set and you adore putting the track pieces together to make bridges, then swooshing your three linked train cars down the bridge incline. You like cars a little, but trains are your first love.

You are so creative in your play . . . your favorite things to play with are often not toys at all: a stack of boxes, a handful of kitchen utensils, a dish towel, my keys. One of your favorite things to do is to make forts out of blankets or pillows. Sometimes mommy is allowed in the fort . . . sometimes not. You're an independent little guy, but there are often times you want me with you and my heart just sings when you hold your still-chubby hand out to me and say "Mommy, num!!!".

You still nurse in the morning, evening and at naptimes and I'm so pleased with us for sticking it out this long. There have been times, in the last few months especially, where all of your little friends at playschool have been sick, I've even been sick, and you've been just fine. I know that nursing is making you stronger and healthier, and it gives you and I guaranteed quiet time each day to snuggle and be together. Nursing is so wonderful that I'm actually sometimes sad for you, thinking you won't ever get to nurse a baby yourself. Sometimes, though, when you're nursing your dad will come lie down and cuddle with us . . . we make a Meyers sandwich with you snuggled in the middle. That, you'll be able to do with your own little nugget someday . . . it makes me happy to think of it!

We've applied to a preschool we'd love for you to go to, and we'll know in the Spring whether you'll be going there in the fall. I know that the months between now and then will fly by . . . and that you're learning, growing and developing at warp speed. You speak mostly in 3-6 word sentences and phrases now as it is . . . in 9 months we'll be having full-fledged conversations. I can't wait to hear all the things you'll have to tell us when you get home from school each day!

There's no slowing you down, so this year I'm going to make an extra effort to slow me down instead . . . to give myself more time to enjoy you. You're a wild, glorious and wonderful little hurricane of toddler exuberance . . . whizzing by all too quickly. I can't wait to see who you grow up to be, Rhys Owen, but if I could slow down time and snuggle my sweet boy a bit longer, I would.


Your Mommy


Diane said...

Where are my tissues? xoxo

Rhiannon said...

He's such a cutie!

I showed my husband your recent Instagram photo of him playing with his train and we've decided that Henry NEEDS a similar train when he gets a bit older.

HollyLynne said...

Boys and thier trains are just awesome. I hope Henry loves his train set some day soon!