Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ahhhh . . . York. One of the most awesome places on Earth. For serious. York has it all: history spanning the Roman, Viking and Medieval eras, awesome shopping both modern and antique, spectacular pubs, delicious food, a glorious cathedral, museums and attractions galore. In fact, the only bad thing about York was the fact that we'd only have about 12 hours to spend there.

Anyone who has ever met a toddler can probably assume that scheduling a jam packed day is a recipe for disaster, so naturally I was a little concerned with both our short time frame in York, as well as the set in stone departure time train tickets we'd bought. The trains, those went well. We had varying success with the rest of our schedule of events.

I wanted to start the day off at Dig, an archeology museum where visitors actually hunker down with an archeologist and excavate recreated dig pits, touch artifacts and interact with history. I knew going in that Meyers was too young to fully appreciate the experience, but I thought the whole digging thing would go over well, which it did:

. . . until it didn't:

Another main goal for the day was to take our Sigma 10 20 to York Minster . . . which we did, but with less than stellar results. I love that lens, but it makes me feel like a n00b sometimes. I just don't really know how to use it to its full potential. I got a couple of shots I like though, between Meyers wranglings.

After lunch (Rhys' first sausage roll . . . ftw!) the Meyers took his nap (oh, glorious nap!) thereby allowing Boy and I an hour to go antique store browsing in peace. We did a quick run through of the Jorvik Viking Center (the Meyers was less than enthusiastic about a creepy, dark gondola ride through a smelly, menacing recreation of a Viking village . . . who would've figured?) and ended up the night with a pub dinner and a sprint (literally) back to the cathedral before our train departure in order to get a couple of shots of it floodlit in the dark.

Worthwhile run-back, yes?