Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Full Day, Indeed

We followed up our epic York day with another jam-packer. We stayed in London and visited the Golden Hinde, a scale replica of the ship Sir Francis Drake took around the world.

It was . . . small. And stoop-y. And I'd really have liked to get a guided tour to hear all the stories of how people lived on that boat (for years!), but a) the only guide was busy with a school group while we were there and b) the Meyers was in no mood:

He had his charming moments too, to be sure:

After the ship we met up with Boy's cousin's family (but not Boy's cousin herself, as she was working) and took a ride on a Thames Clipper. It was incredibly fun! Super inexpensive (and we got a discount using our tube passes, as the clipper is part of the London Transport system). The ride was scenic, comfortable (room to run, a snack bar and bathrooms aboard!) and a ton of fun:

. . . requisite moment of toddler angst notwithstanding:

We finished up the night with dinner in Covent Garden, a quick hello and goodbye with Paul's cousin and her kids:

. . . and dessert at Snog, a pop-tastic-ally decorated frozen yogurt bar that we visited EXPRESSLY to take photos in (although the yogurt was pretty top notch, too).

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