Thursday, December 29, 2011

Teensy, Tiny Walgreens Haul

All of two items, yo. I thought I'd share my thoughts on them though, since I did have pretty strong opinions on both.

First up, a Wet and Wild Color Icon single shadow in Nutty (on clearance for $1.29, FTW!). I haven't had experience with Wet and Wild eyeshadows pretty much ever and I've been intrigued by all the decent buzz I've seen about them out there in blogland. I figured for a little more than a buck it was time to take one for a test drive. Nutty is a warm leaning taupe with a slight shimmer.

When I first ran my finger across the surface of the shadow to swatch it I *gasped* This stuff is super soft, like butter, so finely milled. I was shocked, SHOCKED, by the softness.

The pigmentation, however, was kind of meh . . . and the staying power was reasonable, but certainly not earth shattering. This shadow will probably get some use, but it isn't my new BFF. What it has done, however, is convinced me that Wet and Wild is a brand worth a little more investigation. for $1.29 I didn't expect to like much of anything about this shadow, and was pleasantly surprised that I did!

Up next, one of the new Jordana Color Effects eyeshadow duos. I'd read via Nouveau Cheap that these shadows were similar in texture to Urban Decay's . . . since Urban Decay is my gold standard, it was a no brainer to test these out. I picked up Splitting Image:

The duo consists of a shimmery medium/dark brown and a metallic true gold. The shades work well together, are decently soft and blend well. The true fun here comes from both their pigmentation (like, whoa) and their staying power. I wore these over primer, but my cheap e.l.f. mineral primer, and FOURTEEN HOURS IN, they looked EXACTLY as they did immediately after application. FTW. For serious.

Here are all three shades swatched (bare skin, no primer, applied w/ a finger), Wet and Wild at top and Jordana beneath:

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