Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Potter's Bar

Oh, hai blogland! Remember how I said that the Xmas dust had yet to be kicked up a few weeks back? Well, it got to kicking! And now here I am, late December, with 3/4 of our November trip unblogged and a bit of time on my hands. I'll endeavor to get to it!

The next day of our trip, the day after all the museums, was spent in Potter's Bar with Boy's cousin and her family. This was the sleeper highlight of our trip! I knew we'd have fun catching up and letting Rhys play with his cousins, but the fun quotient wound up being just off the charts. Clara had made fabulous scones which we had w/ real cream and tea, followed by a walk through their woods to a pub near their home, a detour through a church graveyard to visit a spooky tree, a walk home, a home cooked dinner and a Dalek cake birthday celebration for Corvis. Internet, it was rad.

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