Friday, December 30, 2011

MUA Extreme Metallics Eyeshadow Quads: #2 Go Getter

Next quad up is "Go Getter". This is the quad that spawned all six for me, the one I picked up at Superdrug in York. While almost all the quads contain at least one or two solid neutral shades, this is the most neutral overall of the six, comprised of a opaque and shimmering pale pink; a truly "extremely metallic", warm leaning silver; a shimmering sable brown and a rich chocolate brown with light shimmer:

. . . and swatched (bare skin, no primer, applied with finger) . . .

Once again, these shadows are uber impressive on the pigmentation front, the pale pink and sable most notably. The silver has a flaky texture and is a bit tough to work with and blend . . . however I've used it mostly patted on top of a base of the pale pink and sable and have loved it as a highlight in that application. The chocolate brown makes a great liner, and I experienced an impressive lack of fallout when using it that way.

Here's an EOTD:

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