Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MUA Extreme Metallics Eyeshadow Quads: #1, Smokin'

One of the greatest joys of our vacation (besides blowing the Meyers' mind, eating scones and cream and not having to drive in bloody LA traffic for nearly two weeks) was shopping. Makeup shopping, more specifically. In case you haven't noticed, I REALLY LIKE MAKEUP. I also really like bargains. Like, a lot. And there are some tremendous bargains to be had in the makeup departments of both Superdrug and Boots, the UK's two predominant drugstores. Or, "chemists", rather.

I'm not sure if the draw is that the brands carried in the UK are different from US brands, or if (as I suspect) they're actually measurably better. On the whole, that's up for debate . . . but as far as MUA's Extreme Metallics Eyeshadow Quads are concerned, we're dealing squarely with "better" and not simply "different".

I picked up one such quad ("Go Getter" . . . to be reviewed later!) in York and loved it so much that I searched Ebay and found a seller who was offering a set of all 6 quads for a reasonable price. Not quite as reasonable as the 3 Pounds w/ a 3 for 2 offer I scored in York, but reasonable nonetheless. I ordered that set of six quads and I'll be reviewing and swatching them all on this here blog.

The shadows are creamy, pigmented and, indeed, EXTREMELY metallic. They wear well, even with my inexpensive e.l.f. Mineral Primer (rather than my gold standard Too Faced Shadow Insurance). The colors are interesting and unique. The shadows are blendable and soft with minimal, manageable fallout . . . there's little not to love. I did have an issue with this quad in particular breaking up after a very short (4 inches?) drop to a carpeted floor . . . the aftermath of which you can see in the photo above). All of the others have held up well so far, though.

The quad in question today is Smokin', a collection consisting of: pale pearl white, pale silver, gunmetal and matte black:

And swatched (bare hand, no primer, applied with finger):

And on the eye:

The palest shades in particular (in this quad and the others) apply like a dream . . . I used the white here with a flat, paddle type brush on the lid, building the shadow up to near opacity . . .then used the same white shadow spread on the back of my hand and picked up with a blending brush and applied very lightly as a browbone highlight. The black had super minimal fallout and has been going strong on 7 hours now as a liner.

All of these quads get the IndieHomeEc stamp of approval . . . can't wait to share the others with you!


Camels & Chocolate said...

I'm a gonna need you to come to Tennessee and teach me how to do my makeup because my eyes NEVER look like that. Gorgeous!

HollyLynne said...

Aww, thanks! I only jave very basic makeup skills, but I'm learning!

Uti said...

your eyes are beautiful and the make up is amazing!

Anna Cubana said...

Ah, this is gorgeous and I'm so glad I got this quad because I needed some smokey colours! All I have are bright rainbow colours and browns and I needed a white/black/grey combo palette.