Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Bumming Around London

Our next day in London was spent not sleeping (WOE!) thanks to a certain toddler who decided 1am-3pm was prime song-singing and apple-eating time. We weren't at our best, Saturday morning, but our outlook improved significantly by Saturday afternoon, thanks to having hauled our butts straight back to bed after breakfast. We spent Saturday afternoon attempting to recreate the famous Abbey Road photo, with less than stellar results:

After which we had a nice lunch followed by a visit to the Regent's Park playground, which The Meyers adored:

We finished off the evening with a quick viewing of the Lord Mayors' Show Fireworks from Embankment station:

A nice dinner at the Spaghetti Factory and a scenic walk home:

What started off as a "low" day ended on a high note! (Major assist on that goes to our NAP, OH! GLORIOUS NAP! What is a vacation without a few naps, anyways?)

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