Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Merry

As this posts, I'll be home enjoying my family and our happy Xmas traditions, and I hope you are as well. Since I was way late in the game getting my trip posts up, I very nearly ran out of time before the holiday to show off the wreath I made on Thanksgiving day. I'm pretty proud, both of how it looks and of how quick and easy it was to make. The hardest part was actually wrangling my wreath form away from El Toddler-pants:

The original idea came from where all good things come from, Pinterest. I thought it'd be easier to use ribbon to achieve a striped look, rather than felt as was pictured. In searching for striped wreaths just now I see that ribbon is NOT an especially original idea, but it was, at the time, self-generated and I'm still proud, even if I can't claim the idea was mine alone. I used one spool of wide white ribbon (and ran out 7/8 of the way through, which you can probably see in the upcoming photo), one spool of 1 inch black grossgrain ribbon, hot glue and a handful of gold and red glittery things from the craft store. Initially I thought I'd make a bunch of flowers for the wreath "corsage", but once I was actually at the craft store looking around I got sidetracked by GLITTER, and that was that.

From sitting down to craft to taking photos of the wreath hung on the door, this project took about 45 minutes (including time spent unwinding and rewinding the too short white ribbon, freaking out about said too short white ribbon and holding the glitter balls in place for(seemingly)EVER waiting for the hot glue that affixed them to dry). Not counting toddler wrangling time, of course. Which left me pleanty of time leftover to trim our tree with this little dude:

Wreath . . . FTW!


Jane said...

Love your take on it! Merry Christmas!

HollyLynne said...

Thanks! You too!