Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Diana Playground and Hamleys

Our next day in London was one of my favorites. We started off the day with a bath for the Meyers, after which I took the best picture I've ever taken of him. (Thank you. I am very proud.)

We took Rhys to visit the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens. This playground, guys. It was Fully. Realized. So many different themed areas for kids to play . . . a teepee village, a pirate ship, a camp with forts . . . all done in subdued wood and green tones, which set the stage perfectly for imaginative play. We expected to spend an hour here but spent nearly two, and even then I'm not sure we covered each play area.

After playing, we sat down for a snack and this starling flew up and stole a bite of muffin STRAIGHT OUT OF RHYS' HAND. Being the awesome mother that I am, I took a photo before comforting my poor, shaken son who was shouting "NO NO BIRD!!!"

When we were done at the playground and El Meyers was ready for his nap, I strapped him to me in the Ergo and we took off on a beautiful, long walk through Kensington Gardens towards Oxford Circus. We stopped for lunch at the McDonald's on Oxford street, which, I know . . . kind of a lame choice, but that's a sentimental location for me since we stayed in that area on our first trip to London when I was a kid and I had many a chicken nugget there. That McDonalds is also famous for being the one that Princess Diana took her boys to. In any event, it seemed a fitting spot for Rhys' first McNuggets (which he loved). After lunch we did a little shopping for us (Boots! Uniqlo!) and a little for Rhys at world famous Hamley's.

A pretty perfect day.

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