Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Carnival Photos

We live across the street from the elementary school I went to which, while kind of odd, has it's benefits. Benefits like the school's annual, open to all, fundraising Halloween festival which they throw a few days before Halloween each year. We've gone the last two years and it is a huge thrill for me to walk around my old stomping grounds, marvel at how SMALL everything looks, show Rhys the sights and, most importantly, have an excuse to dress Mr. Meyersy up in his costume. Yay!

I practiced restraint this year, and only bought the Meyers one costume . . . but what an awesome costume it was! He was a knight, in shining, medieval chain maile. I KNOW.

The fair had a few massive, 25+ foot inflatable slides. I don't remember these things from my own childhood, we had to make due with modest bouncy castles. They're all the rage now, along with inflatable obstacle courses. Meyers was eyeing the slides something fierce, and we saw one other mom slide down with her baby on her lap. I can't say it was the safest thing we've ever done, but the Meyers? It Blew. His. Mind. He loved it so much that after our first slide down he broke away from me and tried to climb back in through the exit.

We also enjoyed a beautiful rainbow cupcake from the PTA bake sale. Somebody's mom is an overachiever! ;)

It was a rad time! I'm looking forward to next year's fair.

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