Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blogging from the Past

By the time you read this, I'll be on VACATION! A long anticipated, much deserved vacation. Our first "real" one with Rhys . . . "real" meaning more than a few days long and involving a flight. We are in England for 2 weeks . . . first for several nights at Hampton Court Palace and then for about a week in London.

I wanted to schedule a few posts for the time I'll be gone because I've been on a roll blogging lately, even though I think my readership number suffered dearly during my long postpartum blog-lapse. Can that be a word? I like it. Bloglapse.

In honor of the "from the past" theme I'm talking myself into here, how's about a photo round up of past visits to Hampton Court Palace?

This is the earliest photo I had readily available (the caption is my parents', not mine. Although I agree, I'm adorable). We visited Hampton Court on this trip, but didn't stay there (we didn't know we could yet!). I'm probably 11? Festively attired in a 90's era loud sweater and puffed heart necklace.

Here I am at HCP in 2001 or thereabouts, in the summer for the first and only time ever (it is cheaper in the fall, so that's when we typically go). I visited Hampton Court as part of a whirlwind, post college backpacking trip through London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague and Munich.

Next up! I'm early twenties here, on my first trip staying at the palace. Check out my coat! No, seriously. Check. Out. My. Coat. I still have it. Can't bear to part with it!

Mid 20s, red hair, hot pink scarf (I've had better fashion moments, I must say), on the roof.

About 4 years ago, on my first trip with my "boyfriend" (whom I later promoted to "husband" and ultimately "baby daddy")

And lastly, most recently, on our WEDDING TRIP!

That was fun! I hope you enjoyed it even half as much as I did.

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