Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last week the hubs was away on a business trip to New York for four days. Aside from it being the first time he and I have been separated since our marriage, it was the first time that he'd been separated from Rhys overnight. And, although I spent the majority of my maternity leave taking care of Rhys solo during the day, Rhys was smaller and less active then and I still had my husband to back me up during those evenings.

I was apprehensive, is what I'm trying to say. I didn't know how I'd shower, or get dinner on the table, or wash my pump parts every night, or, you know, pee.

As it turns out, spending time one on one with Rhys for a few days was so much fun, and I did manage to successfully attend to all of his and my needs on a (pretty much) daily basis. I got nice, long-ish showers every morning (3 of the 4 mornings Rhys slept later than I did and on the one morning he woke up with me, I plopped him down on the bathroom floor with a pile of books and he browsed happily until I was out of the shower), Rhys and I were both fed nightly (on the first night I cooked, the other three nights we went out or picked up takeout), the pump parts got cleaned (in the dishwasher once or twice, but they were clean nonetheless) and I did ample pee-ing (occasionally with Rhys banging around in the bathroom cabinets while I did so, but whatever.)

I wrote myself a free pass or two but, at the end of the day, I was surprised at how manageable it was to take care of Rhys on my own. I was even able to get a slew of work on my Etsy shop done in the evenings after Rhys went to bed each night. Heck, one night I watched a whole movie !

Guys? I even took him to Disneyland. By myself! I know! But I'll save that story for another post.

Of course I'm thrilled my husband is back, so is Rhys! But I think, despite all the freaking out I did when I learned the hubs had to make this trip, that it was a positive thing for Rhys and I to spend a few days tuning in to each other and for me to really flex my mommy muscles. I'm proud of what we accomplished that week . . . the routine things like laundry and straightening up (folding shirts has never felt so heroic!) and, more importantly, the extra one on one play time Rhys and I shared (sorting through his new toy tools, reading books, visiting playgrounds, blowing bubbles, splashing in the tub).

My baby, guys. I'm so lucky to be his mama.

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