Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Socially Inclined

A quick, drive by post to let you know that I've set my Etsy shop up with a Facebook page and a Twitter account. I plan to use both to share previews of new items, behind the scenes photos of my workspace, alerts regarding especially cool new listings and coupon codes. Internet ninjas will note, a coupon code has already been made available.

The thing that I've always loved most about Etsy is the personal angle. When you buy from an Etsy seller, you aren't buying from a faceless multi national corporation . . . you're buying from (if I can get away with projecting a little here) a working mom who fiddles around with beads and coins in the dark every night purely because she loves doing so. I hope to share a little bit of that creative process through these two new outlets.

Please stop by on Facebook or Twitter to say hi!

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