Friday, October 14, 2011

Round Up: Rhys' First Week of Bentos

Here are photos of the Bento lunches I made for Rhys this week:


Whole wheat mac and cheese with tiny cheese stars, peas, strawberries, blueberries, homemade pumpkin cookie.

Leftover Quorn cacciatore, whole wheat pasta with Parmesan and olive oil, cream cheese "toast ghost", blueberries, grapes.

Two zucchini and leek pancakes, broccoli, two butternut squash ravioli with Parmesan and butter, a section of homemade pumpkin waffle, half a banana, strawberries.

Peas, two crustless wedges of cheese pizza, a halved zucchini pancake, blueberries, strawberries, graham crackers.

Peas, brown rice, two veggie potstickers, two veggie pancakes (halved), grapes, strawberries, a cinnamon pastry twist.

He ate well each day, but I'm told Thursday was a real favorite. He polished off every single bite! So far preparing Bento lunches has been quick and almost as easy as preparing regular lunches. I think we'll keep it up! My only issue has been that Rhys gets SO EXCITED seeing me pack food in his panda after dinner that he kinda wants it then and there. Maybe we'll get him a dinner box too?

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