Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rhys' Toddler Room Makeover: The Mouse Door

I am fairly certain I first saw the idea for this project on Oh Dee Doh way back when I was pregnant with Rhys an didn't know yet whether he'd be a boy or a girl (although, I will have it known that I ALWAYS thought he was a boy, and said as much on this here blog).


I had figured I'd save the "fairy door" idea for a girl baby sometime down the road, but when we started redoing Rhys' toddler room and I realized I could simply call it a MOUSE DOOR instead, I decided to go ahead and install one now. I used Ebay as my shopping resource and picked up a door, a knocker and handle set, and a little articulated mailbox with a hinged lid. Our local OSH hardware store sells little sample pots of paint that were perfect for this project . . . I bought one in cream and one in red and set to work transforming my little unfinished pine door:

Once I had the door painted, I did some research on dollhouse adhesives. I wanted everything to be UBER secure since, while Rhys isn't big on putting stuff in his mouth, the handle, mailbox, etc, are all potential choking hazards. I discovered that "gap fill" glue was considered the best for dollhouse hardware adhesion and picked up this Locktite glue from Fire Mountain Gems. I also picked up a tube of Gorilla glue to use affixing the door to the wall.

As it turned out, the Locktite was my choice for affixing the door, since I was worried about Gorilla Glue's expansion properties and having glue seeping trough the doorjamb. I did, however, have to use Gorilla Glue to attach the mailbox, as the Locktite wasn't making enough contact to bond (and Gorilla Glue in that application WAS very seep-y and leak-y . . . but I managed to clean up the glue mess with Q-tips before it dried and all looks fine in the end, I think).

Rhys really got a kick out of seeing the door for the first time! He knocks on it, opens and closes the mailbox and even calls "MOUSE!?". Although I feel really badly for whoever buys our condo down the line, because that door is SO never coming off, I am happy we took the mouse door plunge and I think Rhys will continue to get a kick out of the door as he grows.

As fidgety as the project was, what with taping tiny corners, multiple paint coats, etc., I'm actually itching to make another door. Maybe a mouse door would make a nice baby shower gift? Packaged with a tube of glue to install? What do you think?


DomestiKook said...

Too cute! But why didn't you just screw it into the wall and putty or paint over the screw heads? Also, watchthe mailbow, I've had some fairly annoying problems with gorilla glue. I'm sure you know already, but when it drys it is like really crunchy styrofoam and I've had stuff com apart because the strofoamy glue crumbles and cracks.
Suggestion? Put a tiny engraved brass plate next to the door the says MEYERS.

Jane said...

Love it! How about a birthday present for a tooth loosing age kid. Tooth Fairy door? Nobody really talks about how she gets in. LOL

Natalie J said...

I want one - no reason, I just do. :)

Brent said...

Excellent work! Quick question, what scale door did you use? I like the size but can't tell it's 1/2" scale (2 13/16"W x 4"H x 3/4"D) or 1" scale (3- 3/8"W X 7- 7/16"H X 3/8"D).

Thanks for your time, love the blog.