Friday, October 7, 2011

Rhys' Toddler Room Makeover: Fort Meyers' Command Center

So! The two holes in Rhys' play tent that face the wall were just crying out to be filled with something fun and gadgety for Rhys to use for imaginative play. Initially I thought I'd put wall decals up so there'd be images visible through the portholes, but my husband did one better by suggesting some sort of hanging toy apparatuses.

I did lots of searching for wall mountable toys but, if they exist, I sure as heck didn't find them (in any form other than $300+ doctors' office waiting room toy form which, just . . . no.) I had started drawing up plans to build something using wood knobs and beads, having rejected a plan to install non-working light switches and dimmer knobs (I was grasping at straws!), when I realized we had the perfect solution sitting in our house the whole time.

An abacus from Ikea that we gave Rhys for Xmas which never got played with much because the stand isn't sturdy enough to keep it upright during spastic toddler play sessions. I tacked it to the wall with two command strips and presto, Fort Meyers had a command center.

We filled the smaller hole with a tap light purchased from the hardware store for about $6 and also held in place with a command strip.

Rhys is just starting to get into make-believe and I hope he appreciates these little touches as he grows! I know that my inner 5 year old practically peed her pants when she saw the tent all gadget-ed out in all its glory. I only hope Rhys likes it as much as she did!

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