Monday, October 3, 2011

Nail Art Pens

The sleeper success story of my recent Cherry Culture was a pair of Amuse Nail Art Pens that I picked up soley because I was trying to work my way up to the free shipping order value threshold. At $1.99 each, I wasn't expecting much, since I'd seen similar pens at the drugstore selling for up to five times that price.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find that these pens perform admirably. Each pen comes with two application options: A teeny, tube shaped nib which can be operated by lightly squeezing the bottle (the bottle is ergonomically designed to make squeezing and drawing at the same time a cinch):

. . . and a long, thin liquid eyeliner style brush:

The pen end is great for dots, freehand drawing and the easiest, quickest french manicure ever:

And the brush end makes quick, easy stripes:

I'm 100% satisfied with these pens and can't wait to try them in more colors. If you've been eyeing the drugstore pens, as I was, but haven't taken the plunge yet due to their price, get ye to Cherry Culture's site and buy these Amuse pens, stat!

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