Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Day, Another Trip To Disneyland

Guys? I can't blog these fast enough. As of the time this posts (I schedule posts, so I'm blogging FROM THE PAST . . . ooooohhhiiieeeeeee), I'll ALREADY have another trip to Disneyland under my belt (and on my SD card). I'm going to roll with it though . . . I'd hate for you to miss even one second of Meyers' Disney fun-time.

One of the things I love about Disneyland is that families who visit the park a lot tends to have thier own "traditions" (i.e., Ride Pirates first! Get DoleWhip, however long the line is! etc. etc.). Two of our traditions from when I was small were to scream bloody murder when the lights go out in the Haunted Mansion stretching room and to try and catch the lead horse when riding the carousel. One of my and Paul's traditions from our years visiting the park before Rhys was born is to eat lunch at the Country Bear restaurant and feed the ducks our leftover hamburger buns. We've kept up with those traditions, and have recently added another. . . root beer floats at the Golden Horseshoe. In all my years visiting the park with my parents, and with Paul before Rhys was born, we never once in my memory had root beer floats at the Golden Horseshoe (which has been there since the park opened in 1955). Of late? We have root beer floats on every visit:

After our floats we made our way to It's A Small World (part of our regular roation now, since Rhys loves it), where we played with all three of our lenses (including the 10/20, with it's spectacular self-photo-taking capabilities), and we mocked the baby for teething (sorry, Rhyser, but you look kind of silly with your whole fist in your mouth! :)):

Also in our regular DLand rotation now is Toontown, where Rhys can run and play. On this trip he had fun climbing the four steps to the slide and sliding down by himself (My big, big boy . . . you guys!):

It was a fun, quick trip!

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