Monday, September 5, 2011

Shop Freebies

I spent a little time the other night tinkering with my inks and stamps in an effort to make a few promo freebies to enclose with any upcoming Etsy orders. Several weeks back, I ordered a "Thank You" stamp with both of my shop urls encircled in a beautiful, ornate border, topped with a crown. The intention was to make enclosure cards of some kind for my outgoing orders, and I did make a few right off the bat. I lost steam on the idea though, and hadn't picked it back up until now.

I made five each of two types of freebies . . . business card sized ATCs and longer, rectangular bookmarks.

The ATCs fit the crafty vibe of my shop, and I LOVE the kraft paper I made them on, since it coordinates well with my existing jewelry packaging. I typically save the ATCs that come with items I've ordered on Etsy and post them either on one of my ribbon boards in my craft area or on my desk at work. I do, however, worry that customers who aren't particularly craftily inclined might look at one and think "Nice business card!" . . . then toss it.

A bookmark, on the other hand, might be viewed as a more useful object and, ergo, a "better" freebie. You could, obviously, use an ATC as a bookmark, but I think the elongated shape of these "official bookmarks" ensures that customers will at once realize what they are and, hopefully, be likely to use them.

What do you think? If you ordered from my shop, would you be happier to find an ATC or a bookmark included in your package?

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