Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rhys' Toddler Room Makeover: Meyers, Inc.

So, remember how I was being all accidentally Montessori with Rhys' makeshift floor bed arrangement? Once I realized that, I started perusing the internet for photos of Montessori kids' rooms and noticed that most included a small table and chair. Aside from being completely adorable, I thought a table and chair would be really useful for Rhys as he grows.

In the corner by Fort Meyers, we had just enough space for a small desk set up. I bought this simple, blond wood and white laminate table and chair set from Ikea and figured that I could just stain it to match his existing, dark wood and white furniture. While in Ikea and high on whatever form of Swedish crack they pump through the air vents in that place, I figured staining would be a really simple procedure that could be handled the way most simple procedures are handled, which is to say: MAGICAL ELVES.

However! As it turns out, staining a piece of furniture is actually fairly involved. I was lucky in that the table was unfinished, so I didn't need to do any sanding. I did, however, need to take the table apart (after having put it together initially to make sure it fit our space), remove the white boards to keep them clean, reassemble the table without the boards, rub in a coat of stain, wait 2 hours for the stain to dry, rub in a second coat of stain, wait 2 hours, brush one one coat of poly, wait 2 hours, brush on a second coat of poly, let dry overnight and finally reassemble the table. OY! It was 8:30pm when the first coat of poly went on and I was so not into the idea of extending the paint and wait agony into a second day . . . so I stayed up until midnight to get the second coat on before bed.

While I can't say I'll be quick to stain another piece of furniture, I am very pleased with the way the table and chair turned out. It matches Rhys' existing furniture really well!

Rhys is really into photos lately, so we decided to accessorize his 'desk' with framed photos of him and us and finish things off with his toy phone (totally cute, right?) and a stack of books. When he isn't running around pretending to use it as a phone, his calculator lives on his desk as well.

It is an excellent place from which Rhys can conduct his baby business.

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