Thursday, September 29, 2011

NYX Pigment and Soft Matte Lip Cream

Wanna talk makeup? OK!

I placed an order from Cherry Culture several weeks ago that included my NYX Nude on Nude palette, Milani Blush and a few other goodies which I've yet to write about, among them, an NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Antique . . .

. . . and a tube of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London.

I had honestly hoped to be blown away with both products. The lip cream had first come to my attention via a blurb in Lucky Magazine, which was promising, and the eyeshadow looked in the online swatch to be a gorgeous, green gold patina/verdigis shade which very much appealed to my old metal and coin loving sensabilities. (Have you, uh, seen my Etsy shop?)

However, on my lids the shadow was more pale green than punchy gold green. The lip cream . . . ugh, it made me look like a corpse. It was matte (which, hello, it is called Soft MATTE Lip Cream, I knew this going in), but matte lip colors aren't especially flattering on me. I will freely admit that I chose the color, London, for the name, which is a silly strategy as something a bit more vibrant, like Sao Paulo, may have looked better on me. Unless I wear it with a sign proclaiming "My lipstick color is called London!!!" (which isn't a half bad idea), this shade (on me) has little else to recommend it. Actually, it smells and tastes like buttercream frosting, so it has that.

Here's a FOTD. Bleh, right?

You can't win them all, I guess.

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