Friday, September 9, 2011

Meyers Approved: Rhys' Favorite Books

Yesterday I posted about three of my favorite childrens' books to read to Rhys, today I'm showing the flip side of the coin, three of Rhys' own favorite books. This isn't to say Rhys dislikes the books I chose as my favorites, only that the three books below are ones he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY loves. As in claps and smiles and giggles when he sees them.

Goodnight Baby by DK Publishing

I can honestly say I don't really get it. This book is illustrated with pictures of averagely attractive babies photographed on simple white backgrounds performing steps in typical bedtime routine, along with accompanying descriptive text (i.e., "First brush my hair . . . Then find my book . . . "). Rhys is absolutely gaga for it . . . we read this one practically every day (and at least 3x per sitting, when we do read it).

How is Mona Lisa Feeling (Art From The Start)

A simple book featuring reproductions of various famous artworks that depict people expressing different feelings, along with appropriate captions (The Mona Lisa is "Mysterious" . . . The Scream is "Scared" . . . etc.). I am certain Rhys loves this at least half because of the silly voice I use to say "Mysterious", but love it he does, all the same.

I Spy With My Little Eye by Edward Gibbs

This one almost made my Mama's favorites list . . . huzzah for preferences aligning! A simple "I Spy" book about animals with beautiful illustrations and a baby approved cutout page gimmick. The last page reveals a hole inviting baby to see what they can spy with their little eye . . . hilarity ensues.

Which are your little one's favorite books?

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