Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Last Of My e.l.f. Goodies

So! We've discussed the e.l.f. eye pigments, the hot pink blush, the mineral eyeshadow and the dud lipglosses. I've got just a few items left.

A trio of eyeliners:

Essential Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in Boldly Bronzed and Gunmetal and Essential Liquid Eyeliner in Copper

Here they are swatched:

The shimmer eyeliner pencils are just ok. They're lightly pigmented and, for me, don't function well as true "liners". They do, however, work well to create a smudgy base over which to layer shimmery shadow for a smokey look. I was wearing this liner in Gunmetal underneath the charcoal grey mineral eyeshadow in my last post. I don't feel they're smooth and blendable enough to create a nice smokey eye on their own, which had been my hope.

The glitter liner was a bit of a surprise. I didn't spend much time investigating swatches before I added this liner to my cart, and so I expected a metallic. I spent about half a second feeling put out when I realized this liner was in fact full on glitter . . . then I got over myself and couldn't wait to try it on. It didn't disappoint! Since the glitter catches the light and shimmers when I move, it was the dickens to photograph. Here's as close as I came, but these photos in no way convey the full effect of this liner's sparkle:

And the rest of the face, using e.l.f. Eye Pigments in Naturally Nude and Baked Brown:

For $1, you could do a hell of a lot worse makeup wise. Sure, this eyeliner isn't an everyday shade . . . but it is FUN and it SPARKLES. It wore admirably, with no discernible flaking or shifting during a normal, 11-ish hour day (on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance). I plan on whipping it out every time I need a little lift.

Lastly, a heroic little sleeper, e.l.f. Essential Nourishing Cuticle Pen:

Here are my nails before the pen:

And again after:

I'm pretty pleased with this little pen! It is quick and easy to use. I've been keeping it in my car for touch ups while stuck in traffic and I do think using the pen has helped stop hangnails in their tracks. I wouldn't rush out and order from e.l.f. for this pen alone, but certainly if you're already ordering, toss one in your cart!

Thus endeth my blabbering about my e.l.f. haul, the second.

Have you ever ordered form e.l.f.? What are your favorite products?

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